Fund Management

Fund Management

JCube provides a cost effective solution for fund structure setup, maintenance, and operations

There can be a-lot of different factors when it comes to investing. That’s why we offer a range of multi asset funds to suit your needs. With a multi asset investment, each of our funds aims to provide you with:


The multi asset funds have separate assets holdings to give you better control preparation for the changing markets so your investments are properly segregated.


Multi asset funds gives you the ability to adjust the asset class exposure for the ever changing market, allowing you to avoiding unnecessary risks while taking on new opportunities .

Greater potential

Through establishing a diversify range of asset classes, enjoy greater income potential from different streams that are independent of traditional markets.

Multi asset team

leveraging on a whole community of global data scientists and professionals, we pride ourself in the science of using proven data points to provide cutting edge solutions according to the current market conditions. We have a full suite of multi asset strategies that is specially conceive for the client.

JCube Funds

Gain insights and access to the global markets with a focus on realising income at a lower risk.
We offer different solution for different needs.

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